Greenways Primary Academy, Nursery Avenue, Stockton Brook, Stoke-on-Trent, ST9 9NY
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Transition Arrangements & Arranging a visit

At Greenways, we understand what a big event it is to send your child to Nursery for the first time, so we do everything that we can to ensure the transition process is relaxed, positive and offers you with the assurance that you need that Greenways Nursery is the right place for your child.

EYFS Prospective Parents Evening

In order for you to see our setting, in the autumn term, we host an opening evening for prospective parents who are looking for a Nursery place the following September. You are welcome to come along, meet the team, see the setting and get a feel for our school. We encourage parents to bring their child to this session.

Spring Term Stay and Play Sessions

Following the opening evening session, we then offer a few Stay and Play sessions during the spring term so that parents can come into the Nursery classroom for an hours activity based session with our Nursery staff. This allows you the chance to get to know the staff on a more 1:1 basis and your child can explore the environment.

Summer Welcome to New Parents & Home Visits

Once school places have been allocated, we then host a further open evening session where we welcome new families to Greenways and learn more about your child. 

During the summer term, we then carry out home visits or pre-school visits which allows our staff to get to know you more, your child’s likes and interests and offer a familiar, friendly face for when they start school in September. We also provide a further ‘Stay and Play’ session in July where you can bring your child to their new Nursery setting so they can start to familiarise themselves with us.

September - Setting in

In September, we have a two week transition period where your child will attend half day sessions. This shorter period of time in a new setting, ensures that your child enjoys their experience and is ready to start full time in week 3.

Arranging a visit

Parents looking for a Nursery place are welcome to come and visit us at any time to see the setting during the day or after school hours. 

Please contact our office to arrange your visit.