Greenways Primary Academy, Nursery Avenue, Stockton Brook, Stoke-on-Trent, ST9 9NY
Part of Windsor Academy Trust

Teaching and Learning at Greenways

Our belief is that if all children have a knowledge rich, broad and ambitious curriculum, and we as a school are ambitious with our curriculum intent, then they will be ready for each phase of their education and we pride ourselves in our children being ‘high school ready’ by the time they finish their primary school journey with us. 

At Greenways Primary, we follow the National Curriculum, and in many subjects, we teach beyond the programmes of study, for example in music. We believe that reading is crucial in being able to access the curriculum and therefore teach ‘phonics first, phonics fast’ right from EYFS. Reading and a love of books is promoted around the school and we ensure children have a quiet, pleasant learning environment in which to enjoy a book. 

We want our pupils to know more and remember more, so have designed our curriculum to ensure all children have regular opportunities to revisit previous learning and develop a cumulative knowledge. 

Teaching and Learning Model

teaching and learning model

To ensure high quality teaching and learning, all of our lessons are delivered in line with the WAT Learning Cycle which has been developed and underpinned by educational research. Our teachers purposefully build in opportunities for delivering new content, assessment, practising and reviewing as part of their daily curriculum offer. 

All of the above is supported by our academy BIG 5 Values and the WAT ASPIRE Mountain skills,that as part of the WAT family, we believe develop successful learners.