Greenways Primary Academy, Nursery Avenue, Stockton Brook, Stoke-on-Trent, ST9 9NY
Part of Windsor Academy Trust

Aims & Values

Our Aims:

  • To provide a secure, happy and stimulating learning environment.
  • To deliver high standards of teaching and learning.
  • To offer education provided by innovative, reflective and forward-thinking professionals.
  • To develop critical thinkers, who make links in their learning and play.
  • To provide a highly innovative, motivating curriculum which maximises each child’s true potential.
  • To develop intrinsically motivated children who are inquisitive about their learning.
  • To grow independent, confident and resilient learners.
  • To nurture self-belief, ambition and self-worth.
  • To inspire and equip children who are excited for their future and prepared for a fast-changing society.
  • To equip children with the skills and awareness to keep themselves and others safe in society and online.
  • To nurture an inclusive community where everyone is valued and differences are celebrated.
  • To promote mutual respect and acceptance of others.
  • To provide opportunities for children to share and celebrate their own interests and talents.
  • To promote healthy life choices that support social, emotional and mental well-being.
  • To encourage children to follow their dreams and be happy.

Our values are known as the BIG 5 and they permeate throughout everything that we do:

Choose to be Positive

Understand your IMPACT

Take Personal Responsibility


Set yourself some HUGE goals