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Pupil Ambassadors & Student Senate

Pupil Ambassadors

Pupil voice and providing our children with roles and responsibilities in school is important to us and this is why, from KS1, we start to introduce roles to our pupils to provide them with skills and experiences to develop them as individuals. 

We are proud to introduce you to our brand new Student Senate for 2023-2024.

Student Senate 2023

Student Senate 2023-2024


Our Senate allows pupils from each class (Years 2 to 6) to put themselves forward to be part of a group who work alongside a staff member and run projects for the school. This could be fund raising or raising awareness on a matter they feel passionate about. The pupils wishing to apply then present to their class why they should be chosen and an in-class election takes place, promoting the British Values. 

In the past, our Academy Parliament has been very successful at raising money for charities including Children in Need, Comic Relief, Guide Dogs, as well as planning events to contribute to the local food bank and other local projects. 

In addition to our Student Senate, we also provide other opportunities for the pupils such as:

  • Head Boy & Head Girl 
  • Deputy Head Boy & Deputy Head Girl 
  • Prefects - includes a wide range of roles
  • Playground Leaders
  • Librarians 
  • Team Captains

We are proud to announce our Head Boy, Head Girl and their Deputies for 2023-2024. These children wrote letters to the headteacher outlining why they wish to apply for the important role.

Letters included a range of areas that are important to the school, from the academy values to the roles and responsibilities the children had taken on since being at Greenways. 

Head boy and girl

Head Girl (Maggie) and Head Boy (Seb)



Deputy Head Boy (Josh) and Deputy Head Girl (Isla)


Year 6 Roles & Responsibilities  

In addition to the roles above, we also promote prefect roles and responsibilities for our Year 6's. 
Here are this years very proud Year 6's. 
These children support classes across the school.

Class Prefects


IMG 4984

Roles around school Prefects

IMG 4986

Football Referee prefects


IMG 4981