Greenways Primary Academy, Nursery Avenue, Stockton Brook, Stoke-on-Trent, ST9 9NY
Part of Windsor Academy Trust
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Parent and Pupil Voice

Education is a joint partnership. Working in partnership with yourselves as parents is of paramount importance to us here at Greenways Primary Academy.  Working closely together helps us deliver the best possible outcomes for all our children; as we aim to ensure that all children become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Feedback from parents is really important to us as it enables us to celebrate the areas you recognise as being done well and also support us in identifying possible ways to keep improving as a school. There are many opportunities for parents to provide us with feedback, comments and suggestions. We carry out an annual survey and share this with all stakeholders; staff are always present at parents evenings, assemblies, sports and other events; and as a staff, we are also on the playground before and after school if you need a talk about anything.

If you do have any concerns, please do not hesitate to come and talk to us.

Daily Contact

A member of the senior leadership team is always on the playground in the morning welcoming the children into school along with other support staff across the school. You are welcome to speak to senior leaders if you wish or you can request an appointment. 

Pupils are brought out at the end of the day by their class teacher, or teaching support assistant. This is a good opportunity to quickly mention something relating to your child. Please ensure the class teacher has safely dismissed all children in their care before speaking to them.

Make an appointment

Sometimes you may wish to discuss an issue in more depth and we would ask you to either talk directly to your child’s class teacher to arrange an appointment or contact the academy office staff who will be more than happy to arrange a mutually convenient appointment time. In the first instance, the class teacher will meet with you to discuss any issues. If you feel the issue has not been resolved, please refer to our Parent Handbook which details who you should book an appointment with next.

What our pupils and parents say


My child enjoys going to school which I think in an instance is a good start. They feel safe and supported. I feel we are updated well e.g. emails and messages. If there are any issues I feel these are dealt with appropriately.

I am absolutely blown away at the amount of effort the school puts into the children’s learning and making sure they have fun too. I love how involved they make every event, the children love it!

Greenways has been a wonderful school for our son, and I’m so glad that we chose to send him here. Over the past few years in particular, it has been wonderful to see the Senior Leaders’ vision come to life and it feels like there has been a huge positive shift in energy and culture around the school. Any issues that we have raised have been promptly dealt with by the headteacher, who remains firm, yet fair, but also very approachable so the children feel able to talk to her. Thank you all so much for everything.

Fantastic team of teachers that really do work hard to provide a fantastic environment at school! Thank you.



It’s a very good school and I have had an amazing experience here.

Teachers do everything they can do for us. We get the best teachers making it safe for everyone, making it fun and making sure everyone is happy.

Our school is one big family and we all help each other. Ofsted Report 2019 


Quotes taken from our annual parent survey - July 2022